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CHANTA is a modern Ukrainian bread factory

Unique bakery equipment from the world's best manufacturers


A team of highly qualified professionals and ardent fans of the bread business


FSSC 22000 certificate (this means that product safety and quality are our everything!)


Up to 30 tons of frozen ciabatta and baguettes, croissants and other cool frozen products per day. For bread eaters of Ukraine and the world.


But better than an explanation, watch the 1-minute video, because we are sure that this is a bakery that you have not seen before and maybe you have not even imagined.

Хто ми?


From research, development of recipes and technologies to the moment when a ruddy loaf hits the window of a city bakery or a supermarket shelf to captivate you with a crazy bready aroma and the desire to take a bite.

If you are not related to bread technology, production, food industry or, for example, the field of hospitality, you most likely do not know why and why bread is frozen and what to do with it. In short, THAW AND BAKE!

Yes, the process of producing frozen pastries is long, resource-intensive and high-tech. At the exit, we give a high-quality natural product with a long shelf life at -18°С, that is, in an ordinary freezer. So that you can quickly finish baking it exactly when you need it, and exactly how much you need it. In a bakery, restaurant, hotel, supermarket or just in the oven in your kitchen. Or in the kitchen of your friend from Sydney, because it is with freezing technology that you will be able to taste Ukrainian pastries in any corner of the world.

Хто ми?
Хто ми?
Хто ми?
Хто ми?
just love bread.
love making bread.
love to talk about bread.

And we know everything (well, almost everything) about bread. And we want you to know too. They knew what your bread is made of, what it is, how to choose high-quality baked goods, how to keep bread fresh, when and with what to consume bread, so that it is not only tasty, but also useful ... and many other interesting things.

We make bread 24/7 not only so that every Ukrainian has the opportunity to taste high-quality and truly delicious bread. We strive to grow and develop bread culture in Ukraine and in the world. Join in!

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At Chanta, we have combined the best experience and advanced technology of the food industry with the urgent demand of society for a healthy way of life, healthy conscious nutrition.
Хто ми?

Our approach:

Openness to new things.

Active life position.

Responsibility to clients, partners, society.

Priority of product quality, business processes, life as a whole.

Conscious use of resources and caring for the planet.

Let's create our life together here and now! We invite you to cooperate.
Yury Tryndyuk