Documentary confirmed quality

Certification (FSSC 22000) is a food safety management system certification scheme. In other words, this is an important document for the food industry, issued by an international company as a result of an audit. It is recognized by the organizations GFSI (GFSI - Global Food Safety Initiative) and European Accreditation Cooperation (EA).


Our bread is officially recognized in the world!

For the manufacturer, this is recognition from the European Cooperation on Accreditation. Certification provides a wide field for the use of manufactured products and gives a "license" for sale in international trade networks. In addition, it is effective management of internal processes, the possibility of cooperation with foreign companies and constant improvement of the quality and safety of our product.

What does it give you?

Safety is our everything!

Bread must not only be of high quality and meet industry norms or state standards, its most important criterion is the absence of threats to the consumer at each stage of the food chain: from a grain of wheat in the field to a loaf on the table. And the consumer gets confidence in the safety of our bread thanks to the presence of the FSSC 22000 certificate.

Certificate FSSC 22000n (Food Safety System Certification)